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Posted: 23.12.2021, 15:17
by SD 31
hi team condacam

i will to know how import the vice correctly ,i import the the step by i have problèm with the zeropoint , he change by itself

thank you

Re: vice

Posted: 16.01.2022, 21:11
by SD 31
Hilfe bitte :(

Re: vice

Posted: 24.01.2022, 16:00
Oh Sorry!
In the default the zeropoint is positioned in dependence to one of the corners of the Boundary box.
By this the component can be moved and the zeropoint maintains its position. Simultaneously
the measures describe a shift starting from one of the selected corners.

Should the zeropoint have an independed position in the drawing that are defined by drawing coordinates
the option "global coordinate system" is to activate.

Be careful with the Selection!
The zero point can also be positioned in the drawing with the function Move...
Best regards...

Re: vice

Posted: 04.02.2022, 22:00
by SD 31

tanks for your help, i have a question for after import the vice i cannot selected just the jaw for adjust at the stock


Re: vice

Posted: 08.02.2022, 10:10
Hello, one STL file can not manage multiple bodies. but you could import two STL files. So import the vise jaw separately from the vise.

best regards...

Re: vice

Posted: 11.02.2022, 18:19
by SD 31
Ok very good

Danke schon