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sélection of machining operation

Posted: 21.04.2021, 16:33
by SD 31
Hello i'm Stéphane

i use condacam recently, and i had a lot of answers in the german forum, but i don't understand how to fonction the selection.

For example in a project i have six machining operation and i wan't post process only two for a rework. how to do ?

Thanks you

Re: sélection of machining operation

Posted: 29.04.2021, 18:06
Hello Stephane,

initially I wanna appologize for make you waiting so long. The auto-notification for new posts is obviosly disabled. we make any efforts to give you a feedback promptly in future.

Well, if I understand it correctly is the matter to output the CNC-program for certain NC-jobs? Actual this is very simple. in the menu "Postprocessor" =>"NC-Postprozessor output" you have to activate the option "Only checked NC-jobs" in the dialog box. After that the NC-jobs can be posted into the CNC-program in any combination or for example separate as well.

Besides we´ve been make available an update costfree. Among others a DXF-export-interface is added. You can obtain the current version Condacam3.1.3.5 in the downlod field:
For the installation as "update" a doubleclick on the setup should be enough without deinstalling the existent condacam-Installation ...

Best regards,

your Condacam-Team

Re: sélection of machining operation

Posted: 04.05.2021, 16:31
by SD 31
Good thanks you