Thank you for your interest in Condacam.

Our software Condacam 3.1 is available for download under the following links:

Download Condacam 3.1 (64bit) 

If you wish to use Condacam 3.1 on our existing system or new hardware, please inform you in advance about the hard- and software conditions.   The running ability of Condacam 3.1 is only guaranteed on systems fulfilling these conditions

You need at least:
Windows® 7® (64 Bit)
Pentium / AMD Processor
4 GB working memory
500 MB available hard disc space
OpenGL capable graphic card (no onboard-solutions)
19" Monitor DVD-drive 3-button-mouse with wheel

We recommend:
Windows® 7/10 (64 Bit)
Intel® Multi-Core Processor XEON / i7
16 – 32 GB working memory
500 MB available hard disc space
nVidia® Quadro 2000 /K2000 /4000 /K4000
24" Monitor / 16:9 (1920 x 1080)
DVD-drive 3-button-mouse with wheel

Information to virus scanners

In some rare cases it may occur that some virus scanner influence the installation of Condacam.  We recommend the deactivation of virus scanner during installation. Should also be affected the running ability of Condacam by the virus scanner, please contact the technical support of the virus scanner software.  Generally this has possibilities to exclude folders and programs from the checking .